Packaging Innovation
July 24, 2019

Eliminate prepress errors with upgraded ArtPro+

15 reasons your prepress team should be using ArtPro+

We all know that editing incoming files can be fraught with danger. It is perilously easy to miss any issues or, even worse, to introduce new errors into the file, however unintentionally.

Esko developed the perfect solution with ArtPro+, the prepress software that makes your files print ready, identifies quality issues automatically and will even edit and fix anything that might need attention. While ArtPro+ already boasted a powerful arsenal of prepress functionality, the latest new upgrades (22 July) mean that making packaging and labels files press-ready has never been this easy, or this quick.

If you’re still not convinced, we’ve put together the following 15 reasons why you should be using ArtPro+ to help you eliminate those annoying (and costly) errors:

1. Clean your artwork

The ‘Clean’ tool in ArtPro+ combines several functions to clean up, improve or modify your artwork. Merging similar paths, contouring text, cleaning up groups and clipping masks, fixing text reflows… you can do it all with ease!

2. View separations in high resolution

ArtPro+ offers high-resolution separation viewing as if you are inspecting your final printing plates. A set of smart view modes helps the operator to focus on critical areas and to apply the necessary corrections.

3. Check breakout areas

Track breakout areas that won’t show up on print because the values are too low.

4. Check the TAC

The Total Area Coverage (TAC) is the sum of all separation densities at a certain point in your document. The tool will highlight the areas where the sum of the densities is higher than the TAC limit specified by the printer.

5. Check registration errors

Use the Registration Error Preview to simulate a design printed with registration errors. It can be very helpful to see if trapping is applied sufficiently and correctly.

6. Compare files

Compare the current document with a reference file. ArtPro+ will calculate and highlight the visual differences.

7. Add dimension lines 

Adding measurement information to packaging artwork is tedious and slow. The configurable dimensioning tool in ArtPro+ helps draw dimension lines to any selected object.

8. Detect moiré 

ArtPro+ helps with possible moiré areas. Conflicting angles, rulings and dot shapes will be highlighted throughout the document.

9. Preview flexo print quality

Minimum dots and highlight breaks require special attention from flexo prepress operators. The viewer simulates this behavior on press to catch errors at an early phase. See where gradations break off and check whether the images in the file have been properly adapted to the specific press.

10. Recognize and edit text 

ArtPro+ recognizes text objects in a PDF and combines them into meaningful textboxes. New character and font recognition functionality turns outlined fonts into editable text. Text changes in outlined text can now be performed as efficiently as working with live text.

11. Activate fonts automatically

Integration with Extensis Universal Type Server significantly reduces time spent on copy changes. The necessary fonts are activated automatically and text changes can be completed with total confidence.

12. Extract and link embedded images

Using Extract and Link you can extract embedded images and replace them with a linked image. 

13. Integrate CAD and graphics

Many printing errors are related to graphics that don’t actually fit the structural design file. ArtPro+ places native ArtiosCAD files and one-up MFG files so you can make sure CAD and graphics are aligned. This way you eliminate mistakes later in production.

14. Create barcodes

Barcode creation is straightforward and supports a wide range of industry standards. Necessary checks for optical readability and adjustments for press distortions are incorporated.

and last but not least…

15. Recognize barcodes automatically 

In ArtPro+, barcodes that were supplied with the artwork (but might not be verified) can safely be converted into reliable Esko barcodes. A compare feature highlights any deviation to make sure that customizations are captured. ArtPro+ helps you work faster and eliminates the chance of making mistakes while creating a new barcode.

So there you have it, a comprehensive suite of benefits to using ArtPro+ to boost your efficiency, accuracy and success!

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