Packaging Innovation
QuickStart for Brands Welcome
September 26, 2018

Cheaper, Faster, More!

Today, all Marketing and Production departments at Brands have the same challenges: do more, work faster and cut costs. Current technology allows us to do much more than ever before. There are more tools to produce high-end designs, better tools to create the most complex artwork, excellent ways to showcase your artwork in 3D and so much more. Those tools, however, come at price: increasing expectations. We can hardly manage the volumes and timelines anymore. We struggle to keep up with artwork management of all the SKU’s (versions of packs) and language variations of our packaging. At the same time, everything needs to be delivered faster and cheaper.

How to tackle those challenges?

At Esko, these developments made us think about ways to tackle those challenges. How can you avoid PDF’s and emails flying around in all directions? And how can you streamline your internal communication, but also the approval cycles with all of your partners in the value chain? Wouldn’t it be great to come up with a single platform that connects everyone? We at Esko learned a lot on this journey. And we are still learning. We connected with packaging experts like you, and we listened…

Take control

WebCenter QuickStart for Brands

WebCenter QuickStart for Brands – Annotations on 3D image in your browser.

WebCenter is the perfect example of such a platform. It’s completely focused on your packaging management, it provides a way for you, your colleagues and external partners to be in total control of your projects. With very specific features on board, WebCenter provides you with tools to
  • Annotate jobs that are up for review
  • Compare files
  • Give approvals
All of those tools and more, are available in a unique intuitive viewer which allows you to work in your web browser, zooming in to the pixel level and annotating on these PDF’s and all of your artwork. In 2D or in 3D.  
WebCenter QuickStart for Brands Interface

Viewer interface of WebCenter QuickStart for Brands. Here you can zoom in to the pixel.

Get started today

The next step in Esko’s journey was to come up with a ‘step-in’ product; and that’s where WebCenter QuickStart For Brands comes in. WebCenter QuickStart is now available online as a 30-day guided demo that allows you to explore most of these features. Have a look at it, explore, and tell us what you think! Because one thing is clear: the challenges will only get bigger!    
Dirk Vanden Meersschaut, Director Digital Marketing – Esko