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advantages PET bottles
May 10, 2016

5 reasons to switch from glass bottles to PET bottles

When someone mentions beverage packaging, glass bottles immediately spring to mind. Many beverage businesses, however, are consciously making the switch from glass to PET bottles. Yes, even the wine industry is jumping on the PET bottle bandwagon! Are you not quite sure whether transitioning from glass to PET bottles is a smart move for your business? Then you probably haven’t considered these five advantages PET bottles have to offer…

1.     PET bottles are cheap to make…

Plastic bottles come with low material and manufacturing costs. It’s as simple as that! In terms of quality, PET bottles are also one of the few packaging materials that are not uninfluenced by how much (or better said, how little) they cost to make.

2.     … and to transport

Plastic is less heavy than glass, which makes it cheaper to transport. As they require less fuel to be transported from A to B, plastic bottles also decrease your business’ carbon footprint.

3.     PET bottles are durable

Evidently, PET bottles require much less protection during transportation than glass bottles, saving you costs on additional packaging materials. As they break less easily, PET bottles also minimize your risk of losses through damage both during filling and transportation.

4.     PET bottles are spatially efficient

Thanks to their thin wall, PET bottles are not just easier to transport but also easier to stock in great quantities, as several products can easily be packed together with a shrink sleeve.

5.     PET bottles can look just like glass bottles

Many packaging designers and beverage manufacturers prefer to avoid PET bottles, because they feel they would make the product appear cheap. Technology however, has made leaps and bounds these last few years. Today, PET bottles can have an excellent glass-like finish which definitely makes them an option to consider, even if you’re designing or manufacturing packaging for a luxury product.   Inspired by MJS Packaging