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April 20, 2017

5 reasons why soap bars are NOT on their way out

While liquid soaps are becoming more popular each day, there are still many consumers out there who prefer their soap the old-fashioned way. According to market research firm Mintel, a little more than 7 in 10 consumers buy bars of soap instead of liquid soaps. Why, you ask? They have their reasons …

1.    It’s a question of avoiding ‘wrap rage’

Everyone, even die-hard liquid soap fans, knows how frustrating it can be to squeeze the last drop of liquid soap out of a dispenser. Talk about wrap rage, right? We usually end up removing the top of the bottle and just pouring out whatever’s left of the soap. Which usually turns out to be more than we thought – oops!

2.     Soap bars are more sustainable

Sure, most soap dispensers are made of recyclable PET plastic these days. But that doesn’t mean they’re a more eco-conscious choice than the typical bar of soap which comes in a paper wrapper or paper-thin cardboard box. That said, did you know about 60 percent of the price you pay for liquid soap goes to the dispenser?

3.    There is no such thing as fancy liquid soap

Despite liquid soaps being more expensive than their solid counterparts, they don’t look or feel particularly luxurious. Meanwhile, solid soaps come in all sorts of beautiful shapes and gorgeous packaging.

4.    Soap bars have that ‘je ne sais quoi’

Solid soaps have been around for about 3,000 years now, and some people simply don’t like change. To them, liquid soap is a flimsy product of a throw-away society. You’ve got to hand it to those people, though: beautifully wrapped bars of soap really do exude a sense of charm and nostalgia …  

Inspired by BBC