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5 inspiring sustainable packaging ideas
August 24, 2015

5 inspiring sustainable packaging ideas

Companies are increasingly focusing on sustainable packaging to reduce their impact on the environment. And they have every reason to! According to, 64% of consumers say it is very important for companies to use environment-friendly or biodegradable packaging. That’s great news for the packaging industry, because sustainable packaging seems to bring out the best in packaging designers! Want proof? Here’s an overview of the most inspiring sustainable packaging ideas we encountered so far.

1.   Clever little bag

Cardboard shoe boxes account for a million tons of waste each year. Puma decided to tackle the problem and came up with the solution: getting rid of shoe boxes entirely! Instead of in a box, the shoes are packaged in foldable cardboard held together by a fabric bag. And it’s not just any old bag either! Puma paid careful attention to designing a bag stylish enough to recycle as a shopping or sports bag.

2.   Edible wrapping paper

Finding a fast food restaurant when you’re on the go is never a difficult thing. You just follow the trail of burger wrapping papers thrown on the side of the road and you’re there before you know it. Brazilian fast food chain ‘Bob’s’ decided to do something about this waste problem. Their solution? Edible wrapping paper for their burgers! The wrapping even conveys a clever marketing message that implies that the burger is so delicious you just can’t wait to eat it: “No need to control yourself. You can eat this burger without removing the paper.”

3.   The Hangerpack

Aren’t you just tired of wrinkled clothes arriving at your doorstep and constantly running out of clothes hangers? Designer Steve Haslip had the same problems and was brilliant enough to design packaging that solved both problems at the same time, while also reducing waste. The Hangerpack, as he calls it, is a cardboard envelope that conveniently folds into a clothes hanger.

4.   Grow the grass you play on

Adidas is another shoe company that decided to jump on the sustainable packaging bandwagon. For a line of their football shoes designer Tia Hughes came up with cardboard packaging made of recycled material. The coolest part? The cardboard is infused with grass seeds, so you can grow your very own playing field.

5.   Packaging that turns into a gift

Wine is a popular gift, so why not make the case become part of the gift? That’s what Icon Packaging thought when they created a wooden wine case that can be reassembled to form a classy wine rack. Cheers to their clever idea!

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