Packaging Innovation
August 12, 2019

12 MORE reasons to use upgraded ArtPro+

We recently gave you 15 reasons why you should be using the newly-upgraded Esko ArtPro+ in your prepress work.

We know you know it can speed up your prepress process and increase efficiency by eliminating errors, but here at Esko, we think ArtPro+ is SO good at making packaging and labels files press ready, that we thought we’d share with you even more reasons to be using it in your department. 

So with that in mind, here are another 12 reasons you should be using ArtPro+:

1. Create white underprints

White underprint allows you to create a white background below selected objects. This white background can be a huge help when printing on transparent or metal materials.

2. Generate rich blacks

The Rich Black tool can be used to obtain a darker black by overprinting all black areas with a specified ink, for example Cyan.

3. Object-based screening

ArtPro+ allows you to apply object-based screening to increase your print quality. It works on normalized PDFs or new incoming PDF files. ArtPro+ offers an extended toolset based on Esko Imaging Engine dot shapes and custom dot shapes. This unique screening view boosts your screening QA.

4. Trap your files with ease

ArtPro+ offers expert trapping functionality. With this aesthetic trapping technology even trapping complex designs becomes something that takes just a matter of minutes.

5. Warp artwork based on Grid files

ArtPro+ can warp graphics to compensate for distortions during the packaging production process. Any graphic in a native PDF file can be warped using ArtPro or PackEdge grid files (.grd, .grid) and with this new non-destructive warping capability, files stay fully editable allowing the design to be changed at any moment.

6. Preflight incoming files

Preflighting is a necessary step in your workflow as your print files need to be compliant with the limitations of the targeted printing process. Detect missing fonts and images, low resolution or RGB images, small type, thin lines etc. in a matter of seconds with ArtPro+.

Verify your files against specific characteristics or limitations to avoid expensive press stops, even zoom in automatically on individual violations.

7. Step and repeat one-ups

ArtPro+ Advanced creates step and repeat layouts. Graphic objects can be upgraded to Dynamic Mark with smart coloring and positioning parameters so decorating sheets with printer marks is now a high speed one-click operation.

8. Create production marks

Marks automate complex and time-consuming tasks: adding color strips, bearer bars, registration crosses and job-specific information. The marks are positioned relative to the page boxes or grid dimensions, adapting dynamically to the current job’s sizes. They also automatically use the inks from the job, so the user never has to spend time coloring and positioning manually.

9. Use PDF Action lists

PDF Action Lists automate prepress tasks without special programming or scripting skills. In ArtPro+, simply drag actions into a list. These can be used directly in ArtPro+ or run fully automated in an Esko Automation Engine workflow. It’s the perfect way to get rid of repetitive tasks that take time but must be performed manually time and again.

10. Work with spectral color data 

ArtPro+ uses true spectral color data, which guarantees an accurate and superb color experience and makes it possible to replace and convert colors. With all the color information embedded in your PDF document, ArtPro+ scans your system for available printer ICC profiles enabling a proper PDF exchange.

11. Launch workflows on Esko Automation Engine

From ArtPro+ you can easily launch a file to a workflow for further automated processing. Just choose the workflow from the list, and let the server do the rest.

12. Export gravure Tiff 

If you’re preparing files for gravure printing, simply use the ‘Export Gravure Tiff’ function to output your document directly as TIFF data ready for gravure printing. It creates one TIFF file per selected separation for the current page.

So many benefits to using ArtPro+, we could go on and on….

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