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The consumer’s love affair with glass packaging continues

Despite the growing popularity of PET bottles, consumers still have a strong preference for glass packaging when it comes to wine, craft spirits and beer.
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What if plain packaging rules applied to alcoholic drinks?

Ever since plain packaging for tobacco products was first introduced and made compulsory in numerous countries, many have wondered whether generic packaging rules should be applied to alcoholic beverages as well. While yea-sayers are convinced public health will only benefit from plain packaging rules for alcoholic drinks, things aren’t as clear-cut as they seem.

The 5 most fabulous flexible packaging designs of 2016

Thanks to innovative solutions such as Studio, creating high-resolution flexible packaging designs without resorting to complicated CAD software has never been easier. Don’t believe us? The results speak for themselves … So we just couldn’t resist sharing with you the five most fabulous flexible packaging designs that caught our eye this year. Enjoy!
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Cheers to the wine packaging industry! Global demand continues to rise

While European consumers are drinking less wine than they used to, global wine production – and hence the global demand for wine packaging – is soaring. Forecast to increase 2.3 percent annually to €20.96 billion in 2020, the wine packaging industry has a bright future ahead. A future filled with opportunities for innovative wine packaging […]

Single-serve wine packaging: yay or nay?

Portable single-serve beverage packaging is on the rise, and even the wine industry is slowly but surely joining in the fun. As was the case with the wine in PET bottles trend that emerged a while ago, some wine enthusiasts remain skeptical. Still, plenty of consumers are more than willing to engage with this new […]

Buy me! 4 examples of great interactive packaging design

The packaging industry is a competitive one in which creativity makes all the difference. In order to come up with something that stands out on the shelves, packaging designers are always on the lookout for something different. Right now, interactive packaging design is on the rise – and with good reason. It’s cool, it’s funny, […]
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4 popular packaging materials: how recyclable are they?

Today’s consumer is a green consumer. In other words, the more sustainable the product, the better it sells. With this in mind, companies all over the world are adding green symbols and hues to their packaging designs in a bid to communicate to their customers just how green their enterprise and their products are. They […]
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Wine packaging: the pros & cons of PET bottles

We may take them for granted, but glass wine bottles haven’t always been around. There used to be a time when wine was transported and sold in clay amphora and barrels, and consumers used wineskins to carry their ‘vino’ with them when they went out. However, when the glass wine bottle sealed with corks was […]

Clever designer packaging: Clicquot’s ice bucket Champagne

Every once in a while a designer packaging design comes along that combines multiple functionalities and looks good too! Champagne brand Veuve Clicquot’s latest offering, ‘The Fashionably Clicquot’ is one of those design marvels: the bottle’s cylindrical package can be used as an ice bucket after opening!
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Savor quality wine with Paper Boy

Packaging waste is a huge and growing problem in modern society. Particularly the wine industry generates more packaging waste than any other product in the alimentary sector. It produces 8.75 billion tons of glass waste annually around the globe. Paper Boy offers a sustainable alternative. You can enjoy a white appellation-based 2012 Mendocino Chardonnay or […]
Twinkle Box with Champagne glass

Keep it cool … with Twinkle Box

What could be the perfect gift when you’re invited to a dinner party? A chilled bottle of champagne maybe? How about one you don’t have to take out of its gift box? Moët & Chandon designed an award winning champagne packaging named ‘Twinkle Box’. The carton box both serves as a gift wrap and as […]