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irtual store simulation software

The rise and future of virtual store simulation

More and more packaging designers and food manufacturers are consistently conducting virtual store simulation as a part of their market research. Does this surprise us? Not really, no. Major companies such as Intel Corp. and Procter & Gamble have been experimenting with various methods of store simulation since the early 1990s, so it was only […]
Virtual store simulation software

4 advantages of virtual store simulation

Virtual store simulation technology is taking the world of market research by storm. Packaging designers, manufacturers and retailers everywhere are using it to better understand the consumer’s in-store behavior without having to conduct actual field research. Although virtual store simulation software requires a considerable investment at first, the advantages it offers in the long run […]
virtual store with 3D glasses

Experience your brand in a hyper realistic virtual store

As 70% of purchasing decisions is made in front of the shelves, brand owners spend a great deal of money to test their products’ shelf-shout. Usually physical mock-ups of a new packaging are tested in a real store setting. The use of 3D software to display virtual products, however, makes the entire process faster and […]