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flexible packaging more popular than ever

Flexible packaging for the win! Market forecast to expand

The future is looking bright for the flexible packaging industry, as the market is forecast to grow over 5 percent in the next seven years. By the end of 2024, the consumer goods industry alone will likely generate a demand of 260.49 billion EUR for flexible packaging, concludes Flexible Packaging Market – Global Industry Analysis, […]
Packaging safety has become a real issue in the 20th century. Things like food preservation, transport and child safety are essential these days.

Packaging safety issues: looks aren’t everything

Packaging has to look good on the shelf in order to sell, yet it has to do more than that. Packaging has to deal with certain safety issues, too. Food packaging, for instance, has to preserve the product inside, while products containing harmful chemicals have to be child proof. Not to mention the transport safety requirements […]