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gender neutral packaging design

Trend alert: gender-neutral packaging design

‘Blue for a boy and pink for a girl’ has been an unwritten rule for decades, but it seems the packaging industry is finally moving away from traditional gender colors. Gender-neutral packaging design, and hence a gender-neutral color palette, is trending. What is causing this interesting shift toward unisex packaging design? And what exactly does […]

3 thrilling toy packaging designs

It goes without saying that toy manufacturers, even though they undoubtedly have a lot of fun creating their products, cater to the most difficult target audience there is: children – and their parents. Toys these days have to be cool, innovative and wholesome at the same time. Last but not least, toy shelves are undoubtedly […]

The advantages of blister packaging

Even though they can be quite hard to open at times, blister packages are incredibly useful. The pharmaceutical industry, for instance, would be nowhere without blister packaging to contain and keep sterile all sorts of pills. So what other benefits lie beneath the hard to open surface of these clamshell packages?
toy packaging

Wrap rage: why is toy packaging so hard to open?

The Christmas holidays are a wonderful time, especially for children, getting all kinds of presents. Yet, for many children opening toy packaging can be quite a stressful event, giving rise to what has become known as ‘wrap rage’, extreme anger out of frustration when a toy refuses to come out of its box. So why […]