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sustainable packaging trends

Is your food packaging in line with today’s sustainability trends?

Sustainability is a trend no industry can afford to ignore these days. As consumers are more and more concerned with the environmental impact of their purchases, brands and packaging suppliers must pull out all the stops to establish and maintain a green reputation if they want to continue to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive landscape. […]
demand for food packaging is soaring

Golden times ahead! Demand for food packaging set to soar

Golden times lie ahead for the food and beverage packaging industry, in Europe as well as North America. Smithers Pira expects packaged food and drink consumption in Europe will grow 3 percent annually to 953 billion packages by 2020. Along similar lines, the market research firm projects volume consumption in North America to reach 551.32 […]

How science helps innovate sustainable food packaging

Innovations in food packaging are rather scarce. For the last thirty or so years, food packaging hasn’t undergone any notable changes – until now, that is. As food manufacturers and packaging designers find new scientific methods to create sustainable food packaging, the most incredible innovations are starting to appear. Perhaps not yet on the shelves […]

How to reconcile ‘sustainable’ with ‘luxury’ packaging

‘Sustainable’ and ‘luxury’ are two adjectives not often used in each other’s presence. This definitely holds true for packaging design, with luxury items lusciously contained by metallized glass, plastic or many other types of material – though beautiful, eco-friendly they are not. One of many issues at play here is brand image – consumers of […]