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spring packaging design tips

Keep it fresh! 3 tips for your spring packaging design

Spring has finally sprung! And what better excuse for a packaging design make-over than the changing of the seasons? If you’re a marketing wiz, you might even argue that making minor changes to packaging designs every season is crucial to keep sales up. Are you looking to give your packaging design a lovely spring theme? […]

Video game packaging design in a digital world

The video game industry is growing rapidly, with gamers always on the look-out for games boasting more realistic graphics, more immersive gaming experiences and more complex gameplay. Despite the continuing global success of video games, fewer and fewer physical copies are actually sold at retailers, in favor of digital downloads. This begs the question: “Is […]

Limited edition packaging | Pepsi, Starbucks & S. Pellegrino

Special occasions are an excellent time to create limited edition packaging. Custom packaging is an interesting and often profitable choice for brands that want to improve their exposure or brand associations by making the most of current events. ‘Special occasions’ is indeed a broad term, as it can have many different meanings, for instance packaging that is […]