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How digital printing redefined the role of packaging in the age of social media

Although it feels familiar, the digitization of the packaging printing industry has only been going on for about 20 years. Digital printing paved the way for big brands to address the consumer in a more personalized way through packaging.

Christmas magic with a personal touch

Packaging World ran a great short run story last week: Erik Knear – the inventor of The Santa Signal™ – struggled to find a packaging supplier that could help bring his brand new invention to market.

How to choose the perfect cutting table?

Manufacturers of signage, displays and packaging face an increasing amount of short run production. To finish these small batches of customized items, a digital cutting table is the answer to this trend. But what digital cutter machine do you need?

Magic Lemons

I was in the produce section of the grocery store last weekend to buy lemons. I noticed that the signage for these items was of much higher quality than I remember seeing before. In the past, a typical produce sign was only text or was hand written and never included a product image. But all […]