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packaging industry challenges in 2018

4 key challenges keeping the packaging industry awake in 2018

The packaging industry is continuously evolving, usually rapidly – and never without challenge. What keeps both bigger and smaller players awake in 2018? This article provides an overview of the main challenges dominating retail and shipping today.

Reusable secondary packaging vs expendable packaging

Today, one of the packaging industry’s main objectives is to create environmentally friendly designs. The goal is to make great looking packages that are, above all, easy to recycle. While very noble and necessary, it cannot be denied that there is another, more effective way of achieving sustainability: simply reusing packaging. The last couple of […]
secondary packaging: shopping bags

The shopping bag: secondary packaging that is not to be underestimated

A lot of effort and resources go into product packaging, while secondary packaging is almost always neglected. By providing customers with attractive shopping bags, retail stores, for instance, can do miracles for their products without any effort whatsoever! Unfortunately, shopping bags are rarely designed to attract the gaze of passers-by. There are some brands, however, […]
secondary packaging

The importance of secondary packaging

Packaging designers are well aware of the importance of packaging for brand equity and sales, yet what about secondary packaging? For instance, if you buy a drink at your local supermarket it comes in a bottle carrying a logo you can easily recognize. But what does the crate look like the supermarket keeps the bottles […]