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Simple yet bold! The perfect recipe for food packaging

Bare Snacks recently gave their packaging design a refreshing make-over that is sure to drive the taste appeal of their healthy snack line. It’s bold. It’s simple. It’s sustainable. It’s everything food packaging should be! “Since the revamp, consumer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our social media accounts have been flooded with supportive comments and […]

What’s keeping brands from using resealable cereal boxes?

For as long as there have been breakfast cereals, there have been nonresealable cardboard boxes. Why do cereal brands refuse to answer the public’s “cry for help”? Because, let’s face it, we would all start our day a little bit better if the cereal box would cooperate, wouldn’t we? Well, as it turns out, cereal […]

Award winning resealable can | Can2Close

The beverage can is a form of packaging which has remained virtually unchanged for decades if you look in terms of structural design. The last major change was in 1974 when the ring-pull was replaced by a stay-on tab. Can2Close plans to be the one to revolutionize the market of beverage cans with their c2 […]