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Dirty Beacsustainable shampoo packaging

Sea-ing the potential of sustainable shampoo packaging!

Did you know that about 25 percent of plastics end up in our oceans or waterways? That means that, by 2050, the plastic in our oceans will outnumber the fish! Fortunately, more and more packaging manufacturers are stepping up to the plate, focusing on sustainable production methods and recyclability. Manufacturers like Procter and Gamble (P&G), […]
eco-friendly packaging design

3 tips to improve your eco-friendly packaging design

Eco-friendly packaging is hot, both among consumers and manufacturers. A growing number of consumers purposely chooses products with sustainable packaging over products without, even if that means paying a little extra. Realizing there’s no reason not to jump on the green bandwagon, more and more packaging designers and manufacturers are turning to eco-friendly packaging.

International packaging design awards | The Dieline

Who designed the most innovative packaging of 2013? The Dieline answered this question  during their annual conference. This year, The Dieline Package Design Awards received over 1.100 entries from 61 countries making it one of the largest packaging design awards of the world. 42 winners in total were granted an award, but there were two […]