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pouch packaging for millennials

How to design the best pouch packaging for Millennial consumers

Environmentally conscious and always on the go, Millennials sure love their pouch packaging. But that doesn’t mean brands don’t need to put in the extra effort to make their pouches all the more appealing. Evidently, you’re not the only one to discover that pouch packaging is increasingly popular with Millennials. Determined to make your pouch […]
digital packaging design millennial consumers

Digital packaging designs win over millennial consumers

Millennial consumers are transforming the economy as we speak. Born between 1980 and 1999, they represent a large part, 30 percent by 2020 to be precise, of total retail sales. But while Millennials represent the so-called digital generation and will dominate consumption for decades to come, the majority of brand owners and packaging designers fail […]
interactive packaging design tips

Smart AND fun: interactive packaging design is the future

More than 3,400,000,000 people worldwide own a smartphone. By 2021, that figure is expected to double. It is no wonder, then, that there is a revolution going on in the world of interactive packaging, with more and more brands and packaging designers establishing a connection between packaging and the consumer and the consumer via the […]
QR codes

5 reasons to stop using QR codes

Ever since QR codes became a ‘thing,’ we’ve seen them on plenty of packaging materials. But are they really such a great marketing tool? It’s been several years now since the first QR code popped up, so what’s the verdict? Will we continue to see QR codes on packaging? We don’t think so, and here […]
qr codes on packaging

The death of the QR code on packaging

Question: ‘How many times have you scanned a QR code during the last 30 days?’ The probable answer: ‘Not even once’. Is it still useful then to give the black and white squares room on retail packaging?

Danone introduces QR code supported loyalty program

Interactive, quick and efficient – Danone Spain’s new loyalty program could be the future in consumer rewarding. Using the QR code technology, each Danone yogurt pack features a unique code, that with a click of a smartphone, will connect consumers to the company’s loyalty program ‘Alimenta Sonrisas’. If you’re a coupon addict, this innovative loyalty […]

The QR invasion!

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