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flexible packaging benefits

Why flexible packaging is getting flexier each day

Flexible packaging is one of the fastest-growing formats the packaging industry has had the pleasure of exploring so far. The last few years saw flexible packaging attract the attention of numerous packaging manufacturers and retailers in various industries, and it seems the format’s popularity is still on the rise. So what is it that makes […]

A bit of sunshine delivered through your letterbox

Never thought you’d see the day you could have a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered through your door, right? Well, Bloom & Wild – the UK’s first letterbox florist – pulled it off with a new concept. They designed a box that slides through most of the regular UK post boxes to deliver freshly cut […]

8 reasons to use corrugated protective packaging

Corrugated containers offer benefits too good to ignore. Not only are they an attested alternative for wooden containers, they are better for the environment and a lot easier and faster to produce. Read more about protective packaging Production time is about ¼ of the time used to make a wooden container Approximately 12 minutes to […]

Explosive packaging testing

Protective packaging giant Sealed Air has blown up a package with an egg to test the protective qualities of the packaging they make. Will it break? via