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CPG and Pharma trends

Free download: CPG & Pharma industry trends and market insights for 2016

Packaging as a consumer communication channel has never been more important. Increasing numbers of SKUs are hitting the store shelves with ever decreasing lifecycles. This is an interesting mix that leads to an interest in packaging management solutions. Download our free Trends in 2016 document to find out what are the trends and challenges for […]

An eco-conscious dinner in a cardboard restaurant

If you believe cardboard is only used for packaging, think again!  A recreation park in Taiwan is devoted to the potential of cardboard.  The park features cardboard replicas of famous monuments and a cardboard restaurant where everything including the furniture and the dinnerware is made out of recycled cardboard.  This means cardboard chairs, tables, decorations, […]

Esko wishes you the best for 2013!

What can Esko bring you in 2013? Make a wish!

Who controls your packaging production?

Do you control your packaging production? Or does it control you? Find out in this video who controls your packaging production, and what you can do about it. Do you recognize yourself? Maybe it’s time to talk to Esko.

Pentawards 2012: the winners

The international jury of Pentawards nominated Diet Coke as “Diamond Pentawards 2012″ in its vote last June! Coca-Cola commissioned the redesign of Diet Coke to the Turner Duckworth agency. The bold result revolves around the letters D and K, the key elements of the brand. Read the complete story on the Pentawards blog. In addition […]

6 rules for packaging design

Product packaging is a huge industry. According to the Food Marketing Institute, the average supermarket in the USA holds around 40,000 different items. From a shopper’s point of view, a product is never seen alone and never in great detail, so it needs to stand out from all the other products around it. Check out these […]

"Female" whisky bottle

Scottish student Melissa Preston has won a D&AD student award for a whisky bottle designed specifically for women. The bottle resembles the shape of a wine bottle, and is wrapped in a newspaper-like paper, with small ads about “male seeking a female”. Re-shaping the bottle will hopefully encourage women to reach for a bottle of […]

The 2012 Dieline awards

This Dieline awards is a worldwide competition devoted exclusively to the art of brand packaging. 38 winners across 12 different categories were awarded, based on the judgement of a highly esteemed panel of 10 industry experts, looking at quality of Creativity, Marketability, and Innovation. Have a look at the awarded designs on the Dieline blog.

What is Victorian gaslight style?

Victorian gaslight style is used in labels, packaging, signage and business stationary. The aim is to obtain a 3D look by adding shadows, imposition, dimensional banners and ribbons, that copy the optical illusion you had  by the (gas) streetlights on signage from stores. From Images from Dick Sheaff

Natural Self Flacon by formboten

Natural Self is a biodegradable perfume bottle designed by  formboten (from Hanover, Germany). The outer case is made of cork and the inner body is made of PLA, a compostable thermoplastic. When the flacon gets closed a slitted closure covers the overhang of the PLA as a protection against skewing. Found on Design Milk.

eBay's Reusable Shipping Container

The box idea was the grand prize winner at eBay’s annual Innovation Expo, a celebration of creative ideas from eBay employees. Designed for “simple green shipping,” eBay believes that a single box reused five times could save nearly 4,000 trees, 2.4 million gallons of water, and conserve enough energy to juice up 49 homes for […]