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flexible packaging benefits

Why flexible packaging is getting flexier each day

Flexible packaging is one of the fastest-growing formats the packaging industry has had the pleasure of exploring so far. The last few years saw flexible packaging attract the attention of numerous packaging manufacturers and retailers in various industries, and it seems the format’s popularity is still on the rise. So what is it that makes […]

Free PDF: Conquering packaging and artwork inefficiencies (PART 1)

Your company is almost certainly inefficient; and the larger it is, the more likely it is to have departmental,regional or functional silos that contribute to this. EU businesses report losing an average of one percent of their revenue each year due to a lack of efficient working practices; that’s a total of around €60 billion […]
frozen food packaging

Why frozen food packaging is hot, hot, hot!

Forecast to increase more than 5% per year until 2020, the frozen food packaging industry sure has a bright future ahead. A recent report on the global food packaging industry by market research company Technavio sheds some light on this interesting phenomenon, along with a number of other noteworthy stats and facts. This article presents […]
3 flexible packaging trends

3 flexible packaging trends to stay on top of

Flexible packaging is on the rise. Smithers Pira even estimates that the global market for flexible packaging will have grown 18 percent, to be exact, by 2020. Naturally, this fast growth comes with increasing consumer expectations, which in turn bring along new challenges for the flexographic printing industry. Flexo printers have responded well to these […]
shelf ready packaging

Want to increase sales? Go for shelf-ready packaging!

Shelf-ready packaging, also called retail-ready packaging, is increasingly present in retail stores all over the world. And with good reason! Not only is it practical for retailers, it is also a great way to drive sales. What makes shelf-ready packaging so cost-effective, you ask? Read on and find out!

When 2 become 1! Check out this new flexible packaging

Consumers everywhere are in love with flexible packaging , and they’ll be pleased to hear that it just got even more convenient! Kooee! Super Snacks recently invented a two-in-one pouch that keeps their snacks extra fresh, while still allowing the consumer to easily turn it into a single-compartment pouch at the point of consumption.
PLM software

How to implement PLM software into your packaging business

Product lifecycle management (PLM) lets designers and manufacturers manage the entire lifecycle of a product, from its conception to the very moment it is purchased by the consumer. PLM software is an indispensable part of PLM in the packaging industry, allowing businesses to efficiently integrate teams, data, tools and processes. Implementing packaging lifecycle management software […]
retail-ready packaging

3 tips to design the best retail-ready packaging

Retail-ready packaging is becoming increasingly popular with retailers, no matter what industry they’re in. And it’s no wonder really, if you consider how much time retail staff save on restocking and rearranging products thanks to this handy packaging solution. In a bid to meet retailers’ increasing demand for packaging that can be transformed into a […]

Christmas magic with a personal touch

Packaging World ran a great short run story last week: Erik Knear – the inventor of The Santa Signal™ – struggled to find a packaging supplier that could help bring his brand new invention to market.

5 concept packaging designs that should be real

Every once in a while we come across some truly inspiring concept packaging designs that are really too great not to show. Created by students or professional designers, it’s a pity these concepts aren’t available in stores. Luckily, they can shine here. Have a look at our top 5 list of concept packaging!
What is smart packaging?

Smart packaging: what does it take?

Smart packaging is so much more than designing a suitable container for your product. It requires a company to assess the full packaging process. Aspects such as functionality, costs, materials, branding requirements, as well as transporting a product safely from the manufacturer to the customer all have to be taken into account. Smart packaging really […]