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Why gluten-free packaging is important

Have you ever wondered how people suffering from celiac disease and gluten allergies do their groceries? One of their daily routines consists of studying the ingredients lists on food packaging boxes. Luckily, packaging designers and food brands can make their lives a lot easier. How? By simply adding a subtle yet clear ‘gluten free’ label […]

Food packaging labels ‘Free of’ are real product sellers!

Many food products carry labels that give the consumer information about what’s in it and what’s not. A recent study reveals that especially the latter – i.e. labels that give information about what’s not in the product – are the real sellers. Consumers are even willing to pay more for products that include negative information […]
Intelligent packaging labels for medicine

Intelligent packaging label for medicines

Have you ever wondered how your medicines have been handled from the manufacturer to the shelves of your pharmacy? Some medicines need to stay cool: is that actually the case during transport and handling? To be able to trace medicine product information, the Graphic Packaging, a UK company, specialized in cardboard packaging solutions, is currently […]