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The 3 pillars of a perfect retail packaging design

Day after day, consumers find themselves bombarded with ads and products screaming for their attention. If a packaging design doesn’t make an impact within two seconds, there’s a 99 percent chance the product will get passed over and forgotten about. Do you want to make sure your design gets all the attention it deserves? Time […]

5 tips to create a mouth-watering food packaging design

No matter how delicious a product may be, sales won’t soar unless the packaging design is spot on. Are you a packaging designer looking to get inspired? Read on and discover our top five tips to create a food packaging design that will make the consumer’s mouth water!

Brand packaging at its finest: 5 famous food mascots

Food mascots are everywhere, and they have been for decades – if not more than a century. Food mascot design is undoubtedly one of the most powerful commercial tools packaging designers can use. In fact, some food mascots have established such a powerful connection with their audience throughout the years that they achieved worldwide fame […]
food packaging design trends

5 food packaging trends every designer should know

Consumer demographics are forever changing, and so is the average lifestyle. Food packaging designers are adapting their style accordingly, in a bid to continue meeting consumers’ increasingly high expectations. Are you a food packaging designer looking to keep your designs up to date? Read on to find out which trends are currently ruling the food […]

Happy Chinese New Year! 5 Asian style packaging designs

Today, more than a billion Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year. That means the streets of China are decorated with bright red lanterns, and buzzing with people dancing to festive music, eating traditional food and watching the age-old dragon dance.
Packaging design trends 2016

Happy New Year! 5 packaging design trends for 2016

Out with the old, in with the new! With 2016 just around the corner, the packaging industry is eagerly waiting to see which trends will define packaging design the coming year. Are you too excited to play the waiting game? So are we! Here’s a sneak preview of the anticipated packaging trends for next year…
Christmas packaging design

How to get your Christmas packaging just right

Packaging is and always will be an important part of marketing, especially during the holiday shopping season. Considering the significant impact of packaging design on sales when Christmas comes around, it is wise for business owners to rethink their packaging design for the occasion. A few tips on how to improve your packaging design to […]

Christmas magic with a personal touch

Packaging World ran a great short run story last week: Erik Knear – the inventor of The Santa Signal™ – struggled to find a packaging supplier that could help bring his brand new invention to market.
Packaging fails

3 common reasons why packaging design fails

Packaging designers are only human and thus they do sometimes make mistakes. Especially in this day and age when packaging designers not only have to come up with mind-blowingly awesome designs, but have to do so at a pace faster than the speed of light. Evidently, when you’re constantly fighting deadlines, it’s easy to overlook […]

Drop dead gorgeous packaging ideas

Every packaging designer knows that beauty is in the eye of the consumer. Attracting the consumer’s attention is every packaging design’s primary goal after all. No matter how great a product may be, stores will have a hard time selling it if its packaging is unattractive. Evidently, it is no coincidence that the most effective […]

Packaging design: things aren’t always what they seem

Packaging design goes beyond ensuring that consumers can safely transport products from the store to their home. It’s about making a product stand out on the shelves, getting consumers to pick up the product and convincing them to purchase it. It’s common knowledge among packaging industry professionals that more than half of consumers buy a […]