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deceptive packaging

‘Deceptive’ packaging: can you show ingredients that aren’t included?

Designing packaging for children’s products can be great fun, but it is not without challenges – especially when it comes to food packaging. Danone experienced that first-hand with its packaging for Danonino yogurt, which recently came under fire in France. Foodwatch, a non-profit organisation that, to put it in their own words, “exposes food-industry practices […]

Fruit packaging can make fruit fun for everyone!

A melon grower believes to have found a sure way to make fruit appeal to both children and adults. With a campaign centered around bold and colorful packaging featuring Sesame Street characters and much more, the company, called Nature’s Partner, expects to see its water melon sales soar.

5 eye-catching formats for yogurt packaging

From babies to adults, we all love yogurt. Unsurprisingly, packaging formats for all things yogurt are very interesting and diverse, with designs ranging from playful and cute to stylish and sophisticated. So let’s have a closer look at some of the best yogurt packaging formats on the market!
toy packaging

Wrap rage: why is toy packaging so hard to open?

The Christmas holidays are a wonderful time, especially for children, getting all kinds of presents. Yet, for many children opening toy packaging can be quite a stressful event, giving rise to what has become known as ‘wrap rage’, extreme anger out of frustration when a toy refuses to come out of its box. So why […]

Entertain your child with creative food packaging for kids!

Many parents will acknowledge that they need to be very inventive to keep coming up with new ideas to entertain their kids. For some companies, especially those selling products for children, this concept is exactly what inspires them to keep designing creative and interactive packaging!