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Ron Voigt packaging designers personality type

Why packaging designers are leaders at heart 

While society doesn’t tend to think of packaging designers as leaders, a great deal of designers actually do possess a fair share of leadership qualities.
Packaging fails

3 common reasons why packaging design fails

Packaging designers are only human and thus they do sometimes make mistakes. Especially in this day and age when packaging designers not only have to come up with mind-blowingly awesome designs, but have to do so at a pace faster than the speed of light. Evidently, when you’re constantly fighting deadlines, it’s easy to overlook […]

How popular culture inspires packaging designers

Popular culture has always been a vast source of inspiration for packaging designers. TV characters, series, cartoons, celebrities, … They all pop up regularly during our grocery shopping. We have selected some of the most creative packaging designs that use popular culture to their advantage. These are all illustrations of how merchandise can be done […]
What is it about packaging designers that allows them to make all these creative packaging designs? Is it a matter of innate talent, or is there more to it?

Creative packaging design: merely a question of talent?

You are either creative or analytical, that’s the adage many people today still live by and act on. Recent findings, however, suggest this saying might be flawed. Scientific research has discovered that creativity, to a certain extent, can be learned and acquired through exercise. It’s an interesting thought for packaging designers, striving to do better […]

10 top packaging designers that will inspire you

We are all bombarded with packaging on a daily basis. With so many new products on display every month, it’s hard to keep up the pace for all you packaging aficionados. That’s why we came up with a list of top packaging designers and their finest work!

Inspiring energy drink packaging

Analyzing the energy drink market, one may notice a lack of innovation in packaging, as well as in materials and shapes used for energy drinks. However, some energy drink packaging ideas stand out by their unique concept. This is undoubtedly the case for the ‘Rise and Shine’ bottle, designed after light bulbs.

Halloween packaging: from glow to blood

With Halloween just around the corner, many among us are rolling up their sleeves to celebrate this ‘scary’ event. A recent online survey conducted by Cheetos showed that 2 in 3 American adults intend to enjoy a Halloween treat this year, with 1 in 3 planning to dress up in a costume. Halloween never grows […]