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Packaging fails

3 common reasons why packaging design fails

Packaging designers are only human and thus they do sometimes make mistakes. Especially in this day and age when packaging designers not only have to come up with mind-blowingly awesome designs, but have to do so at a pace faster than the speed of light. Evidently, when you’re constantly fighting deadlines, it’s easy to overlook […]

Drop dead gorgeous packaging ideas

Every packaging designer knows that beauty is in the eye of the consumer. Attracting the consumer’s attention is every packaging design’s primary goal after all. No matter how great a product may be, stores will have a hard time selling it if its packaging is unattractive. Evidently, it is no coincidence that the most effective […]

Baked and ready to go cookie packaging inspiration

Baked goods are a treat, aren’t they? Especially when you get them as a gift, wrapped in lovely packaging. We’ve collected ten of the cutest, most-inspiring, or simply beautiful packaging designs for cookies and other baked goodness. Enjoy!

How popular culture inspires packaging designers

Popular culture has always been a vast source of inspiration for packaging designers. TV characters, series, cartoons, celebrities, … They all pop up regularly during our grocery shopping. We have selected some of the most creative packaging designs that use popular culture to their advantage. These are all illustrations of how merchandise can be done […]

“Design is intelligence made visible” – the world’s best packaging quotes

A lot has been written about design and packaging – a quick search on Google provides thousands of results! As most of you probably don’t have the time to read them all, we’ve collected some of the best packaging quotes. Quirky, smart or downright funny, these are no doubt the best lines on packaging you […]

Dog food packaging inspired by fashion magazines

People love their pets and are willing to dig deep in their wallets to feed them nowadays. Especially dog owners are keen to give their favorite canine friend whatever it needs to be happy. Pet food manufacturer Vafo-Petit got the message and asked packaging designer DePOT Design to redo their dog food packaging to resemble […]

How to create a new packaging design without alienating customers

Heinz has recently come up with a new packaging design for their hot sauce products. In brand marketing, change is sometimes necessary, especially when the packaging looks dated and stodgy. But too many alterations to the original label could confuse the customer, or even worse, cause him to overlook the product and believe that the […]

Halloween packaging: from glow to blood

With Halloween just around the corner, many among us are rolling up their sleeves to celebrate this ‘scary’ event. A recent online survey conducted by Cheetos showed that 2 in 3 American adults intend to enjoy a Halloween treat this year, with 1 in 3 planning to dress up in a costume. Halloween never grows […]