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Digital Maturity Model

How digital transformation sustains profitable growth for packaging suppliers in a digital world

Digital transformation is top of mind for many business leaders across all industry segments. But what is it exactly, how is it applicable to the packaging supply chain, and why should you even care?

How digital printing redefined the role of packaging in the age of social media

Although it feels familiar, the digitization of the packaging printing industry has only been going on for about 20 years. Digital printing paved the way for big brands to address the consumer in a more personalized way through packaging.
How to get your labeling information right when selling online food? Check here!

Selling products online? Get your labeling information right

As of 2015 products sold online should come with the exact same labeling information (production details, nutritional facts, ingredients) as their physical counterparts. When you’re managing multiple versions of the same product this can become a real challenge. Proper packaging and content management software has become even more essential to ensure the quality of your […]

Global packaging design: what’s lost in translation?

Launching a new product worldwide, global brands have to make sure their marketing campaigns are translated adequately for each target market. Global companies want to make sure that the message they’re conveying is the same for each language, in each country. Packaging designers have to take into account the cultural background of the target group. […]