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pharmaceutical packaging market by 2022

It’s full steam ahead for the pharmaceutical packaging market

Will the pharmaceutical packaging market continue to thrive in the coming years? It sure looks like it, says MarketsandMarkets. With North America accounting for the largest piece of the pie, the pharmaceutical packaging market will be worth 50.55 billion USD by 2022. Overall, the market is forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate […]
Improving pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging: a matter of life and death

It is a known fact among doctors that patients are more likely to survive severe trauma if they receive treatment within one hour. Doctors refer to this crucial period of time as ‘the golden hour’. The slightest second can determine the difference between life and death, even something as straightforward as pharmaceutical packaging design can […]

Is medical device packaging receiving the same treatment as other products?

Not all product categories are sensitive to packaging design changes, one would think. Medical device packaging surely doesn’t go by the same rules as, let’s say, food packaging, does it? Well, actually, it kind of does. Even for medical devices packaging – including key messages and imagery – has the ability to change the perception […]