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luxury packaging design for millennials

What do millennials want? Luxury packaging design, of course!

Despite the less than ideal economic climate, the luxury sector is still thriving. In fact, millennials even account for almost half of luxury shoppers. Reeling them in, however, is not self-evident. As is to be expected of this generation of consumers, millennials do their shopping with a considerable list of expectations in mind – and […]
Packaging design for unboxing videos

Unboxing videos: how to make your packaging design shine online!

Unboxing videos are more than just product reviews. They’re an incredible – not to mention free – opportunity for brands and designers to go viral. Did you know 1 in 5 consumers have watched at least one unboxing video? And that 4 in 10 are inclined to share their purchase on social media if it […]
5 luxury packaging design trends to feast your eyes on!

5 luxury packaging design trends to feast your eyes on!

Luxury is in the eye of the beholder – yet there are plenty of materials, colors, fonts, shapes, … designers typically use to create luxury packaging that exudes pure style and prestige. Stuck for inspiration? You can’t go wrong with the luxury packaging design trends we’ve got lined up for you!
packaging design 2017 colours

How to colour your packaging design in 2017

Coming up with a successful product packaging design means taking into account multiple factors. Practical issues and technicalities aside, there are many trends that can make or break your design. Colours in particular change every season, but, fortunately, if you incorporate trend colours, you’ll rarely have to make dramatic changes to your design. Continue reading […]
perfect Christmas packaging design tips

Ho ho how to design the perfect Christmas packaging!

Tis that time of the year again … Santa Claus is coming to town! And once again, Santa’s packaging designers have come up with some gorgeous Christmas packaging to help his little elves out on this festive occasion. Want to join in on the fun? Discover our tips to design the perfect Christmas packaging!

Want to design attractive luxury packaging? Use two-piece boxes!

Two-piece boxes are very popular for packaging luxury items such as biscuits, lingerie and cosmetics. The shiny cardboard laminated boxes are tremendously attractive in turned edge, giving your product a distinct sense of luxuriousness. On the downside, luxury packaging can make a product more expensive. Charging $50 extra for a $60 product might not be […]

What defines luxury packaging?

It’s hard to define luxury, let alone create luxury packaging. For starters, luxury is subjective – what is pure luxury to you, might be common for someone else. And yet, we know luxury items when we see them, don’t we? Why is that? In other words, what defines luxury goods and how can package designers […]

What if luxury brands sold everyday groceries? Exploring brand image and the role of packaging

Why does the look of certain brands seem more highbrow to us than others? It’s a question artist and former designer Peddy Mergui explores in his recent exhibition ‘Wheat is Wheat is Wheat’: “(it’s) meant to highlight the challenges a designer faces when tasked with promoting economic interests while remaining true to his or her […]