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pouch packaging for millennials

How to design the best pouch packaging for Millennial consumers

Environmentally conscious and always on the go, Millennials sure love their pouch packaging. But that doesn’t mean brands don’t need to put in the extra effort to make their pouches all the more appealing. Evidently, you’re not the only one to discover that pouch packaging is increasingly popular with Millennials. Determined to make your pouch […]

Tostitos’ Super Bowl packaging gets you home safely

Football fans all over America are counting the days until the Super Bowl kickoff on February 5. Are you one of them? And do you love to party hardy with a bag of potato chips in one hand and a beer in the other? Then you’re in for a treat this year! Frito-Lay’s Tostitos brand […]
perfect Christmas packaging design tips

Ho ho how to design the perfect Christmas packaging!

Tis that time of the year again … Santa Claus is coming to town! And once again, Santa’s packaging designers have come up with some gorgeous Christmas packaging to help his little elves out on this festive occasion. Want to join in on the fun? Discover our tips to design the perfect Christmas packaging!

Creative packaging: digital print finishing is taking over

Packaging designers are continuously exploring new print finishing options to give their designs that little extra creative edge. Metallic embellishments and embossing always prove particularly popular when the holiday season is right around the corner, while intricate die-cut patterns make for alluring packaging designs all year round. In terms of print finishing technology, analog is […]

Video game packaging design in a digital world

The video game industry is growing rapidly, with gamers always on the look-out for games boasting more realistic graphics, more immersive gaming experiences and more complex gameplay. Despite the continuing global success of video games, fewer and fewer physical copies are actually sold at retailers, in favor of digital downloads. This begs the question: “Is […]

Creative CD packaging design: the art of the limited edition deluxe box set

In order to sell more albums record companies often come up with deluxe box set editions of a particular release. These limited editions do really well with fans, wanting to own everything of their favorite band or artist. Limited editions are also quite popular during the holiday season when people are happy to pay a […]

Limited edition packaging | Pepsi, Starbucks & S. Pellegrino

Special occasions are an excellent time to create limited edition packaging. Custom packaging is an interesting and often profitable choice for brands that want to improve their exposure or brand associations by making the most of current events. ‘Special occasions’ is indeed a broad term, as it can have many different meanings, for instance packaging that is […]