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How to make your label design talk!

Designing labels has never been an easy feat, but these days it’s particularly difficult as labels are often too small to contain every bit of information the consumer needs – or wants – to know. Another challenge label designers are facing today is counterfeiting, which means labels need to include both covert security measures (hidden […]

Do the best packaging designs really come in pairs?  

Earlier this year, packaging designers for Kirin Company (a Japanese beverage company) and Glico (a Japanese candy manufacturer) released the fruits of their cooperation into the world. The design teams had worked together to create inspiring packaging for Kirin’s ‘Teagurt’ (a mixture of yogurt and tea) and Glico’s ‘Pocky Lemon Love’ (lemon-flavored biscuit sticks). Which, […]
shrink sleeve packaging design tips

Packaging design: 4 tips for your shrink sleeves

If you’re designing packaging for, let’s say, pickled pearl onions, shrink sleeves are probably something to steer clear from. When it comes to food packaged in jars, after all, consumers like to see the food they’re buying. But if you’re working on a packaging design for a food or drink that tends to be sold […]

Why rounded beverage packaging graphics work better

According to a report from the Institute of Psychological Sciences in the UK consumers prefer circular shaped beverage packaging graphics on labels. In terms of purchase likelihood, all participants indicated a preference for rounded graphics, as well as upwards orientated graphics. It remains unclear, however, as to why we prefer these shapes.

Product naming and label design – easy as 1, 2, 3?

“Nomen est omen”, or so the saying goes. Yet, coming up with a suitable name for your brand new product can sometimes be problematic. For their new line of spirits, Gargalo gave each variety a number: simple but effective! The logo and packaging design are equally straightforward.
Discover the secrets of product label design

Improve your product label design with these tips

Apart from packaging design, product label design is one of the key elements consumers pay attention to – either consciously or unconsciously – when shopping for groceries at their local supermarket. Adequate label design should, at the very least, include the brand name. Yet to be truly effective it has to contain pertinent product and […]