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Creative packaging: digital print finishing is taking over

Packaging designers are continuously exploring new print finishing options to give their designs that little extra creative edge. Metallic embellishments and embossing always prove particularly popular when the holiday season is right around the corner, while intricate die-cut patterns make for alluring packaging designs all year round. In terms of print finishing technology, analog is […]
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5 tips to get the most out of your cutting table

Are you always racing against the clock to finish your orders in time while striving for that perfect contour cut? Read on and find out how a Kongsberg plotter cutter helps you deliver perfectly finished results at an unsurpassed speed.
Innovative use of a cutting table

Innovative use of a cutting table | Crack Consumes

The uses of cutting tables aren’t limited to the creation of packaging. A clever print campaign used a Kongsberg cutting table to create a display that is not only innovative, but has an impressive emotional impact as well. The ad agency Talent designed a wooden frame which was covered in printed dough. While this edible […]