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Cardboard guitar strikes a chord

When it comes to being creative with cardboard, at Ernest Packaging Solutions they really pull out all the stops.
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Savor quality wine with Paper Boy

Packaging waste is a huge and growing problem in modern society. Particularly the wine industry generates more packaging waste than any other product in the alimentary sector. It produces 8.75 billion tons of glass waste annually around the globe. Paper Boy offers a sustainable alternative. You can enjoy a white appellation-based 2012 Mendocino Chardonnay or […]

Deltaclip is holding it together

The art of simplicity can be found in everyday commodities. We all know the modest, yet very effective paperclip. The metal version dates back to 1867. Today, however, there is a more sustainable equivalent: the Deltaclip.

Cardboard Record Player

Audio engineering company GGRP Sound has created a cardboard envelope that transforms into a record player. Once assembled, a 45 rpm record can be spun on it using a pencil. The vibrations travel through a needle which is embedded in one of the box’s edges and are amplified in the cardboard material. These players were […]