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demand for food packaging is soaring

Golden times ahead! Demand for food packaging set to soar

Golden times lie ahead for the food and beverage packaging industry, in Europe as well as North America. Smithers Pira expects packaged food and drink consumption in Europe will grow 3 percent annually to 953 billion packages by 2020. Along similar lines, the market research firm projects volume consumption in North America to reach 551.32 […]
self-heating food packaging is trending

Self-heating food packaging is getting hotter and hotter

Nothing beats a hot meal, especially when you don’t have time to cook. Ah, the joy of microwaving! But there’s only so much you can do with your packet of soup, instant pasta or any other type of ready meal that needs heating when you’re in your car, on the train, or worse: when your […]

How science helps innovate sustainable food packaging

Innovations in food packaging are rather scarce. For the last thirty or so years, food packaging hasn’t undergone any notable changes – until now, that is. As food manufacturers and packaging designers find new scientific methods to create sustainable food packaging, the most incredible innovations are starting to appear. Perhaps not yet on the shelves […]

The 5 food packaging innovations of the decade

Technology is one of the driving forces behind packaging innovations in the recent decade. Many of these technological advancements lead to new and improved packaging processes, especially in the field of food packaging. Recycling is one of the most important developments but so are repurposing, packaging elimination and size reduction. Let’s have an in depth […]

WikiPearl: the future of edible food packaging?

The packaging world is in a constant struggle to find new and more eco-friendly ways to pack food products. Reducing packaging waste has become the number one goal of many academics and packaging designers around the world. One of the most ingenious inventions of late in that area is WikiPearl, a meatball sized lozenge that […]

Fundamental qualities of food packaging

What matters for a consumer in food packaging can be quite different from a designer’s or even a brand’s point of view. Let’s explore the main qualities of food packaging from a brand’s, a consumer’s and a designer’s perspective.

Carton packaging kicks canned food off the shelf

In food packaging the keyword is ‘fresh’. Everything, from fruit, to vegetables, to meat and candy, has to look fresh. The entire package is designed with this fresh image in mind: from the vivid natural colors on the package to the mouthwatering images pictured on the front. Even preserved food, which is all but fresh, […]
Discover a new innovation in vegetable packaging!

Vegetable packaging made from … tomato peel

We talk a lot about eco-friendly packaging rapidly becoming the standard for the packaging industry. Prominent packaging companies are racing toward new environmentally friendly packaging methods.

‘Macho’ food packaging

There has been a tendency among marketers to create an aggressive image for typically male products, such as razors and hardware supplies. Lately, however, food has been given the same treatment. There is a striking campaign for yogurt that is specifically marketed at men, complete with macho food packaging!

Creative herbs packaging: the brown paper bag reinvented!

No dish is complete without the perfect seasoning and the best herbs are the ones you grow yourself! But when it comes to selling herbs most companies don’t seem to pay much attention to packaging design. In fact basil, sage, thyme, … are usually sold in a little plastic pot wrapped in plastic foil which […]

The TubeSoup: innovative food packaging

The Your Tube Awards praise the most innovative aluminum tube packaging solutions of product and graphics design. Tube packaging hasn’t been revolutionized for a very long time and that’s something the Your Tube Awards wants to change. The project TubeSoup is a very creative food packaging solution for an instant-soup recipe. It’s a design by […]