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Wrap rage: why is toy packaging so hard to open?

The Christmas holidays are a wonderful time, especially for children, getting all kinds of presents. Yet, for many children opening toy packaging can be quite a stressful event, giving rise to what has become known as ‘wrap rage’, extreme anger out of frustration when a toy refuses to come out of its box. So why […]

Perfume packaging: the visual perception before the olfactory sensation

In today’s economy, the customer does not only focus his attention on the product. The design of the product is equally important. Packaging should be an eye-catcher. Take perfume bottles, for instance: the customer’s attention is often first drawn to the perfume packaging. As a manufacturer, you have to give the best offer impression possible, […]

The importance of packaging in marketing | Rory Sutherland

What is the essence of marketing? A question every marketer will answer differently. Most answers will underline the importance of understanding the customer, although the approach can differ immensely from company to company. While there is no right answer to the question, we do find the opinion of Rory Sutherland to be worth considering. Rory […]