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Digital packaging designs win over millennial consumers

Millennial consumers are transforming the economy as we speak. Born between 1980 and 1999, they represent a large part, 30 percent by 2020 to be precise, of total retail sales. But while Millennials represent the so-called digital generation and will dominate consumption for decades to come, the majority of brand owners and packaging designers fail […]
healthcare packaging design

What defines user-friendly healthcare packaging? 

Next to adhering to numerous regulatory guidelines, healthcare packaging designers nowadays also have to live up to the consumer’s growing expectations. Most patients and caregivers consider user-friendly healthcare packaging a given, so it’s vital for designers and manufacturers to keep pace with the latest trends and innovative technologies. Is your healthcare packaging design as user-friendly […]
Intelligent packaging labels for medicine

Intelligent packaging label for medicines

Have you ever wondered how your medicines have been handled from the manufacturer to the shelves of your pharmacy? Some medicines need to stay cool: is that actually the case during transport and handling? To be able to trace medicine product information, the Graphic Packaging, a UK company, specialized in cardboard packaging solutions, is currently […]