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temperature-controlled shipping

3 packaging tips for temperature-controlled shipping

Temperature-controlled shipping is nothing new, yet there’s always lots to consider, as each shipment is unique – especially if you want to make the most cost-effective choices. Evidently, packaging is key here. Read on to discover our tried-and-tested tips for getting your product from A to B at the right temperature every time!
frozen food packaging

Why frozen food packaging is hot, hot, hot!

Forecast to increase more than 5% per year until 2020, the frozen food packaging industry sure has a bright future ahead. A recent report on the global food packaging industry by market research company Technavio sheds some light on this interesting phenomenon, along with a number of other noteworthy stats and facts. This article presents […]
refrigerated food packaging

Frozen and refrigerated food packaging design: tips ‘n tricks

“Where will my product be displayed?” It’s a simple question food packaging designers should ask themselves before stepping to the drawing board. Designing concepts for frozen and refrigerated food, for instance, requires another approach in terms of visibility than designing for a regular store shelf. Let’s explore the choices designers have to make when designing […]
We have grown very much accustomed to ready meal-packaging, yet from a manufacturer’s point of view they are quite challenging.

The challenges of ready meal packaging

Processed convenience foods such as ready meals are hugely popular nowadays. No surprises there: the food is cheap, easy to prepare and relatively tasty. In recent years, the market has created a distinction between standard and luxury ready meals. The former are basic low-priced products. The latter are more expensive quality meals. So what are […]