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biodegradable packaging

‘Going nuts’ over biodegradable food packaging design!

Research has shown that U.S. consumers aged 18 years and older are increasingly interested in biodegradable packaging. To be more precise, 45 percent of adult consumers in the United States interviewed in 2017 claimed to purposely buy food from brands which offer products in biodegradable packaging whenever recyclable packaging is not an option. Brands like […]

Food packaging design: 3 key ingredients for success

Have you ever purchased a food or drink you had no experience with whatsoever, just because you couldn’t resist the packaging? Of course you have! And we bet you were thinking: “Why didn’t I come up with that delicious food packaging design myself?” This article lists the three key ingredients for a successful food packaging […]
transparent food packaging design tips

Transparent food packaging: standing out by being invisible

Transparent food packaging is one of the latest food packaging trends taking the world by storm. Is it a trend that’s here to stay? We sure think so. Research has shown that more than half of US consumers find it important to see the actual product they’re buying. How to adjust your food packaging design […]
food packaging design trends

5 food packaging trends every designer should know

Consumer demographics are forever changing, and so is the average lifestyle. Food packaging designers are adapting their style accordingly, in a bid to continue meeting consumers’ increasingly high expectations. Are you a food packaging designer looking to keep your designs up to date? Read on to find out which trends are currently ruling the food […]

Why food brands should consider flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is often used in the food industry to keep all kinds of foods fresh on the shelf. From flexible drink pouches to sauce, rice, pudding, etc. Nearly all kinds of food can be stored in flexible packaging containers. In fact, brand owners nowadays seem to favor pouches over canned food. The obvious reason […]

The rise of food pouches

The era of industrial and concentrated food is coming to a close. Today we want our food to be biologically grown. But how can you transport organic, farm-fresh and organic food in an environmentally responsible way? By packing it in easy to carry food pouches, the latest food packaging trend!