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The 5 food packaging innovations of the decade

Technology is one of the driving forces behind packaging innovations in the recent decade. Many of these technological advancements lead to new and improved packaging processes, especially in the field of food packaging. Recycling is one of the most important developments but so are repurposing, packaging elimination and size reduction. Let’s have an in depth […]

‘To go’ food packaging: 8 finger licking good designs

Over recent years people’s lives have increasingly become more stressful: work, family, friends and a bunch of hobbies have resulted in a hasty life style – we don’t even allow ourselves a proper  home-cooked lunch most of the time! ‘On the go’ is now our preferred way of enjoying a sandwich or salad dish. The […]

Why food brands should consider flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is often used in the food industry to keep all kinds of foods fresh on the shelf. From flexible drink pouches to sauce, rice, pudding, etc. Nearly all kinds of food can be stored in flexible packaging containers. In fact, brand owners nowadays seem to favor pouches over canned food. The obvious reason […]

‘Macho’ food packaging

There has been a tendency among marketers to create an aggressive image for typically male products, such as razors and hardware supplies. Lately, however, food has been given the same treatment. There is a striking campaign for yogurt that is specifically marketed at men, complete with macho food packaging!