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It’s high time to get into the fast food packaging game! 3 tips

Food shopping today is all about convenience. Or at least it is four times a week on average for 95 percent of British consumers, according to a study by packaging specialist Sun Branding Solutions. As hot fast food ‘to go’ becomes increasingly popular, supermarkets and food chains are adapting their food offer accordingly and, consequently, […]

3 deliciously creative fast food packaging designs

Pressed for time, we often have no choice but to eat a quick meal at our desk. On a good day, we do manage to pack and bring our own healthy lunch to work. Other days, we use our lunch break to pop by the deli around the corner and grab a pre-packed sandwich or […]

‘To go’ food packaging: 8 finger licking good designs

Over recent years people’s lives have increasingly become more stressful: work, family, friends and a bunch of hobbies have resulted in a hasty life style – we don’t even allow ourselves a proper  home-cooked lunch most of the time! ‘On the go’ is now our preferred way of enjoying a sandwich or salad dish. The […]

Edible packaging: eat your food package!

A third of the waste dumped into landfills is packaging such as boxes, bags, and food wrappers. Even though several advances have been made in food packaging recently (such as making them compostable), many of these innovative packages still end up in the garbage. To avoid this situation, many designers decided to develop the concept […]