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What a treat! Food packaging you can eat

Eco-friendly food packaging is taking a turn for the tasty. A deliciously creative approach to biodegradable packaging, edible food packaging is the latest trend to take the packaging industry by storm. Curious to see what’s out there? Let’s have a closer look at some of the tastiest food packaging you can eat!

WikiPearl: the future of edible food packaging?

The packaging world is in a constant struggle to find new and more eco-friendly ways to pack food products. Reducing packaging waste has become the number one goal of many academics and packaging designers around the world. One of the most ingenious inventions of late in that area is WikiPearl, a meatball sized lozenge that […]

Edible packaging: eat your food package!

A third of the waste dumped into landfills is packaging such as boxes, bags, and food wrappers. Even though several advances have been made in food packaging recently (such as making them compostable), many of these innovative packages still end up in the garbage. To avoid this situation, many designers decided to develop the concept […]