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Sing Coca Cola! ‘Share a Coke’ turns musical this summer

The Coca-Cola Company sure knows a thing or two about personalized packaging. As if their ‘Share a Coke’ campaign wasn’t successful enough featuring customers’ names, the soft drink giant recently gave their most notorious campaign a musical twist.

Check out Diet Coke’s most creative packaging design to date!

On February 1, The Coca-Cola Company launched millions – that’s right, millions – of new creative packaging designs for Diet Coke, as part of the ‘It’s Mine’ campaign in the United States. No two designs are the same, thanks to Coca-Cola’s collaboration with HP. “We’re inviting fans to choose from millions of unique Diet Coke […]

The attractions of personalized packaging

Few brands bother with personalized packaging. That’s a shame because a level of personalization in packaging really appeals to customers. Your own name on a bottle of shampoo, for instance, is surprisingly effective in creating an emotional bond between the product and the consumer.