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Redesigning the world’s leading confectionery packaging – giving M&M’s a facelift

M&M’s is one of the world’s best-known and most recognizable candy brands, not in the least due to its iconic packaging design and logo. Surely it’s what makes the brand stand out on the shelf, but isn’t the design a bit outdated? That’s what New York designer Alyssa Philips thought when she decided to come […]

No more dull convenience food packaging designs, please

Convenience food packaging isn’t particularly famous for its groundbreaking design or innovative approach. Quite the contrary, all convenience food packages look rather bland. So how can designers spice things up?

‘To go’ food packaging: 8 finger licking good designs

Over recent years people’s lives have increasingly become more stressful: work, family, friends and a bunch of hobbies have resulted in a hasty life style – we don’t even allow ourselves a proper  home-cooked lunch most of the time! ‘On the go’ is now our preferred way of enjoying a sandwich or salad dish. The […]

Three great packaging solutions that aren’t mass-produced (yet)

Product designers around the world come up with the most amazing concept packaging solution for the widest array of products every year. Unfortunately, only a small portion of those ever receive the attention they deserve. Presented here are three great packaging solutions that have the potential to change our lives, yet haven’t found their way […]

Fundamental qualities of food packaging

What matters for a consumer in food packaging can be quite different from a designer’s or even a brand’s point of view. Let’s explore the main qualities of food packaging from a brand’s, a consumer’s and a designer’s perspective.

Dog food packaging inspired by fashion magazines

People love their pets and are willing to dig deep in their wallets to feed them nowadays. Especially dog owners are keen to give their favorite canine friend whatever it needs to be happy. Pet food manufacturer Vafo-Petit got the message and asked packaging designer DePOT Design to redo their dog food packaging to resemble […]

‘Macho’ food packaging

There has been a tendency among marketers to create an aggressive image for typically male products, such as razors and hardware supplies. Lately, however, food has been given the same treatment. There is a striking campaign for yogurt that is specifically marketed at men, complete with macho food packaging!
Twinkle Box with Champagne glass

Keep it cool … with Twinkle Box

What could be the perfect gift when you’re invited to a dinner party? A chilled bottle of champagne maybe? How about one you don’t have to take out of its gift box? Moët & Chandon designed an award winning champagne packaging named ‘Twinkle Box’. The carton box both serves as a gift wrap and as […]

Creative herbs packaging: the brown paper bag reinvented!

No dish is complete without the perfect seasoning and the best herbs are the ones you grow yourself! But when it comes to selling herbs most companies don’t seem to pay much attention to packaging design. In fact basil, sage, thyme, … are usually sold in a little plastic pot wrapped in plastic foil which […]

Innovative packaging designs: Flip Food lunchbox & handy egg packaging

Packaging designers are quite the innovators; even classic designs that seem to have been around forever aren’t safe. Case and point these amazing alternatives for the traditional lunchbox and egg carton that not only improve the user experience, but look amazing as well!

The TubeSoup: innovative food packaging

The Your Tube Awards praise the most innovative aluminum tube packaging solutions of product and graphics design. Tube packaging hasn’t been revolutionized for a very long time and that’s something the Your Tube Awards wants to change. The project TubeSoup is a very creative food packaging solution for an instant-soup recipe. It’s a design by […]