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retail-ready packaging is trending

Will the retail-ready packaging trend continue its hot streak?

Industry experts feel retail-ready packaging (RRP) is growing strong and will likely continue to do so in the next few years, as suppliers are slowly but surely adapting to new technologies. But, although there are no signs of a slow-down so far, the future of the RRP sector is in fact not without challenges due […]
corrugated packaging design

Thinking about the box: corrugated packaging CAN be creative 

Once used primarily for transporting products and storing items in attics, it seems corrugated packaging finally managed to find its way to designers’ hearts for several reasons.
corrugated cardboard packaging

3 benefits of corrugated cardboard packaging

Corrugated cardboard is the packing material of choice for many brands and industries. Its high-tech construction ensures the material can carry a wide range of weights, protects against moisture and provides sustainable packaging solutions. Furthermore, corrugated cardboard is highly customizable and very cost-effective. Let’s delve a little deeper into the world of corrugated cardboard and […]

Beer packaging designed to be cool

At events like parties or barbecues, a cold beer is an often welcomed beverage. A creative design by Miller Brands UK with help from the independent firm CRP Print & Packaging makes it easier to start the party wherever you are.

Esko wishes you the best for 2013!

What can Esko bring you in 2013? Make a wish!

It's the End of Packaging as we know it

There’s been a lot of fuzz about augmented reality. But the first real applications are on the market now. A box of cereals transforms into a game console. Kids can really see what’s inside the box…