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Choosing the right color for your packaging design

Choosing the right color for your packaging design

Color not only plays a major role in making your packaging design stand out on the shelf, it also conveys a brand’s message and persuades consumers to actually buy the product. If you’ve chosen the right color, that is. How do you determine which hue is best suited for a particular product’s packaging design? Through […]
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The psychology of color in food packaging

More than 90 percent of shoppers make snap judgments about products based on color alone. In other words, the psychology of color greatly impacts our behavior in-store. Red, for instance, triggers our appetite more than any other hue by stimulating our emotional responses and memory triggers. Red is, however, also the color that implies danger […]
Why is chewing packaging always colorful?

Chewing gum packaging design: it’s the color that sells the product

Have you ever wondered why packaging designers prefer fanciful coloring for their chewing gum packaging designs over more neutral hues? It’s not because they simply love color, it’s because consumers do! That’s right: studies indicate that the color of chewing gum packaging influences the buyer’s expectation. Even more so than the format, it’s the color […]

Creative cookie packaging you"ll want to eat

Cookies are one of the most popular products in the supermarket. Similar to the taste of what’s inside, cookie packaging ranges from delicious to rather plain. These creative cookie packaging designs might provide the inspiration you need to make your packages the tastiest of them all!

Soft to the touch, easy on the eyes soap packaging designs

Soap is an interesting product to say the least. By itself soap is just soap. But add a great packaging design and you’ll get something else entirely: an incredible experience for both the eyes and the nose.

Colorful chocolate packaging | David Bradley Chocolatier

In the packaging world, candy brands are often the first ones to innovate. They have to be creative to appeal to their target audience in a crowded supermarket. In the case of candy aimed at children, the packaging often has to convince the parents as well, adding an extra level of difficulty. Chocolate packaging is […]