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Cardboard guitar strikes a chord

When it comes to being creative with cardboard, at Ernest Packaging Solutions they really pull out all the stops.

Treasure hunting with the Kongsberg cutting table | Read on at ye own risk (for wanting more)

‘All hands on deck!’ the designers shouted at Esko, when creating this impressive sample collection. Demonstrating the vast possibilities of Esko’s software and digital finishing solutions, the new sample box is most suitably conceived as a Pirates’ Treasure Chest.   The treasure chest is not just another sample case; it stands out by its whimsy! […]

Pizza box design inspiration

Retro, modern, or comic strip-like designs, square or hexagonal, cardboard or bambou, or even with toothpaste publicity or integrated spooky foldable coffin.       As long as you try to avoid a sad grey box, everything is possible for a pizza box.         25 yummie designs for pizza boxes found on

Esko wishes you the best for 2013!

What can Esko bring you in 2013? Make a wish!

The cardboard bicycle

If ever you are in doubt about buying a bicycle because you don’t know if you like cycling at all, buy a cardboard bike and check it out. Afterwards, you can still invest and upgrade to a normal bike. Find out how Phil Bridge, a 21 year old design student at Sheffield Hallam University, has come up […]

Ikea's Cardboard Pallets

In a few weeks, Ikea will start to use a strong corrugated cardboard structural pallet design to  replace wooden pallets. When using huge amounts of wooden pallets, this can make a difference from a sustainability viewpoint. Some doubt the re-usability of the corrugated pallets, but nevertheless, it looks like a worth while initiative. One-third the […]

Cardboard 'gothic' architecture

Have a look at the complex column design by Michael Hansmeyer, an architect and computer scientist based at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. His work is composed of sixteen million faces and made from 2,700 layers of cardboard. It is the result of a cutting-edge computational process and people’s responses to it […]