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Clarke is a cardboard recycling robot

WALL-E who? Meet Clarke, the cardboard recycling robot!

It’s been almost ten years since WALL-E first melted our hearts, but it seems the recycling robot is now facing some competition. In terms of recycling capabilities, that is. Clarke, a cardboard recycling robot developed by AMP Robotics and nicknamed after inventor Arthur C. Clarke, is not nearly as cute as WALL-E. But boy, can […]

‘Would you like some virtual reality goggles with that?’

Virtual reality is on the rise! And it seems McDonald’s is out to claim their slice of the virtual reality pie. Earlier this year, the fast food giant introduced 3500 limited-edition Happy Goggles, a Happy Meal toy reserved for Swedish customers spread over fourteen restaurants. Will McDonald’s be launching these foldable virtual reality goggles outside […]
recyclable packaging materials

4 popular packaging materials: how recyclable are they?

Today’s consumer is a green consumer. In other words, the more sustainable the product, the better it sells. With this in mind, companies all over the world are adding green symbols and hues to their packaging designs in a bid to communicate to their customers just how green their enterprise and their products are. They […]
What you didn’t know about cardboard boxes

What you didn’t know about cardboard boxes

Imagine a world without cardboard boxes. Difficult, right? Cardboard boxes may not be a particularly hot topic of conversation, but they are an indispensable part of our everyday lives. And yet, most people know very little about them – which is a shame, because the history of cardboard boxes is actually quite interesting. Don’t believe […]
Packaging industry awards

Packaging news – ECMA announces winners of Pro Carton Award 2015

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands, Sept. 14, 2015 – More than one hundred entries, including many fantastic innovations, delighted the jury of the Pro Carton ECMA Award this year. The focus was on the unique sustainability of cartonboard: numerous innovative concepts were devoted to cartonboard as a replacement for other materials in order to find more […]

Juice box packaging: perfection in form and function

Have you ever taken your time to scrutinize a juice box? From a packaging design’s perspective it is pure perfection: the package itself is an essential part of using or consuming the product. Let’s explore what makes juice box packaging so fantastic!

A clear look at transparent packaging

Although they might not be easy to open, transparent clamshell packaging is more successful than packaging without transparency, studies reveal. Apart from their apparent attractiveness to consumers’ eyes, they also have other benefits, such as shelving convenience, cheap production costs and enhanced security. Transparent packaging might seem a bit bland, yet when treated with a […]

A closer look at electronic packaging

In the past most electronic products and devices were packed in very basic designs – brown cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, etc.. Today electronic packaging has become a major discipline within the field of electronic engineering. Undoubtedly influenced by Apple’s slick, minimalistic design most manufacturers jumped the band wagon a few years ago, creating real package […]

A bit of sunshine delivered through your letterbox

Never thought you’d see the day you could have a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered through your door, right? Well, Bloom & Wild – the UK’s first letterbox florist – pulled it off with a new concept. They designed a box that slides through most of the regular UK post boxes to deliver freshly cut […]
corrugated cardboard packaging

3 benefits of corrugated cardboard packaging

Corrugated cardboard is the packing material of choice for many brands and industries. Its high-tech construction ensures the material can carry a wide range of weights, protects against moisture and provides sustainable packaging solutions. Furthermore, corrugated cardboard is highly customizable and very cost-effective. Let’s delve a little deeper into the world of corrugated cardboard and […]

Students design the perfect cardboard box

Two American undergrad students have stunned the packaging world by revolutionizing the design of the common cardboard box. The two young men claim their boxes are less wasteful, easy to handle and quick to assemble. The two now have a patent pending and are looking for manufacturing partners to commercialize their vision of the 21ste […]