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VisCom Paris stand

Have a seat … on Re-board® furniture

When we think of Re-board® we often limit ourselves to protective packaging. Yet, there are countless creative things you can do with this material. Re-board® is already widely used in POP design, and it starts to penetrate into contemporary furniture design as well.

An eco-conscious dinner in a cardboard restaurant

If you believe cardboard is only used for packaging, think again!  A recreation park in Taiwan is devoted to the potential of cardboard.  The park features cardboard replicas of famous monuments and a cardboard restaurant where everything including the furniture and the dinnerware is made out of recycled cardboard.  This means cardboard chairs, tables, decorations, […]

Tube Toys, where packaging is part of the product

The ‘Tube Toys’,  by Oscar Diaz, are a series of vehicles to assemble were the packaging is also part of the product, reducing considerably the amount of material discarded after purchase, and the added cost that traditional packaging involves. All the parts needed to built each vehicle are contained on a standard cardboard tube which doubles […]

Our Paper Life: cardboard furniture for students

Our Paper Life was launched by Geoff Christou and Chris Porteous. Our Paper Life is a line of low-cost furniture, constructed out of 95% post-consumer recycled cardboard. The furniture is free of formaldehyde or VOC’s and they stick to a cradle-to-cradle system. They are curbside recyclable at the end of their use.  The furniture can […]

Recycled Cardboard Furniture

Bibicarton is Sarah Mouchot, creator of cardboard furniture. This Melbourne, Australia designer creates one of a kind pieces out of recycled cardboard. Via