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‘Would you like some virtual reality goggles with that?’

Virtual reality is on the rise! And it seems McDonald’s is out to claim their slice of the virtual reality pie. Earlier this year, the fast food giant introduced 3500 limited-edition Happy Goggles, a Happy Meal toy reserved for Swedish customers spread over fourteen restaurants. Will McDonald’s be launching these foldable virtual reality goggles outside […]

Are the days of bubble wrap protective packaging numbered?

Buying online has become second nature to most people. It’s quick, cheap and easy. Getting your goods delivered unharmed can be quite tricky though. Order and delivery services such as Amazon often use bubble wrap to protect valuable items but this may soon come to an end. Meet ExpandOS, the Styrofoam killer.

Students design the perfect cardboard box

Two American undergrad students have stunned the packaging world by revolutionizing the design of the common cardboard box. The two young men claim their boxes are less wasteful, easy to handle and quick to assemble. The two now have a patent pending and are looking for manufacturing partners to commercialize their vision of the 21ste […]

When tissue box design shows the importance of packaging

We live in a world where people usually do not have much spare time: an important issue for brand marketing. Customer sometimes don’t have time to listen to or to read never-ending arguments about why some brand is better than the other. Packaging therefore becomes the only way to catch the customer’s attention!