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The 6 most delicious confectionery packaging trends in 2018

Confectionery packaging is always a treat! Especially in the United States where snacks and sweets fuel the economy. According to the American National Confectioners Association, the following fascinating trends are defining the confectionary landscape as we speak. 1.     Candy for one, please What do you get when you combine a growing number of single-person households […]

What a treat! 5 yummy candy packaging designs

There’s something about walking through a candy aisle that makes us feel like children again, isn’t there? Is it a simple case of nostalgia? Is it because our taste buds will never grow tired of all that sweet creaminess and crunchiness? Yes. But not only that. The packaging matters just as much as the candy […]

10 mouth-watering sweets packaging design ideas

How long has it been since you last set foot in a candy shop? Alley after alley of brightly colored bars, caramels, chocolates, lollipops and sours just screaming for kids to pick them up. Nowadays though, candy and sweets aren’t the sole privileges of children, their parents have an entire candy collection at their disposal, […]