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POP display design tips

How to encourage impulse purchases with POP displays

The shopping list is dead. Long live impulse buying! Did you know that about 80 percent of consumers make their purchase decisions on the spot? Unsurprisingly, POP displays are at an all-time high. Short for ‘point of purchase display’, a POP display is the ideal method to catch the shoppers’ attention and persuade them to […]

How to make your brand pop? With a POP display!

There is nothing like a POP display to make your brand stand out in a store aisle. Needless to say, a lot goes into creating a fantastic POP display design that catches the consumer’s eye and convinces them to add the product to their shopping cart. However, these five tried-and-tested tips will help any packaging […]
brand strategy limited edition packaging

Brand strategy: a closer look at limited edition packaging

Limited edition packaging is increasingly becoming a brand strategy in its own right. In a bid to stimulate short-term sales, brands all over the world won’t stop asking their packaging designers to come up with the next must-have limited edition packaging for their products – and the designers are more than happy to oblige! Let’s […]
Brand strategy for Millennials

5 tips to adapt your brand strategy to Millennials

Millennials, or Generation Y, are the latest generation of consumers to influence the brand packaging industry. Spending more than €554 billion on goods every year, Millennials are certainly worth the extra effort when it comes to developing your brand strategy. Are you not quite sure how to make your brand relatable to this fast-changing and […]
5 tips to create the best brand packaging design

5 tips to create the best brand packaging design

There used to be a time when flashy images and plastering the words ‘new and improved’ onto boxes made for successful packaging design, but today’s consumer is far too sophisticated and demanding to fall for these old-fashioned tricks of the trade. So what do consumers reach for on the shelves these days? One answer: strong […]
How to tune your packaging design to different cultures

How to tune your packaging design to different cultures

There are thousands of different cultures in the world, each with their own unique tastes and needs. So, when designing your packaging for a foreign market it makes little sense not to take into account the culture of that market. A particular color, for instance, can significantly boost sales in one country while dramatically reducing […]

How clever packaging design can make your product shine on the shelf

Let’s say you’re a small brand, just starting your way to multi-million dollar selling stardom. How can you stand out on supermarket shelves from the rest of the established brands? In other words: how can small companies’ packaging design influence sales positively?